Online Banking-Enrollment


***The customer must have signed up at the bank and been assigned an Online banking password to access their accounts***


Step 1.                  The first time you log on, click FIRST TIME LOGIN.


Step 2.                 Enter your Access ID and click submit.

*       Checking account number (8 digits-no dash)

*       Savings account number (7 digits-no dash)


Step 3.                 Change the drop down box to match your account type.


Step 4.                 Enter your Online Banking password and click submit.


Step 5.                 You will be prompted to change your Access ID and Password.

*       Access ID and Password must be 6 to 12 characters in length

*       The characters must be a combination of alpha and numeric

*       At least one number and/or one letter are required

*       The password does differentiate between UPPER and lower case letters, so before you begin please verify the setting of your Caps Lock this will dictate how you will need to enter your password for future logins


Step 6.                 An authentication image will appear. Enter a pass phrase that is unique to you in the box below the image.  This phrase will always accompany the image for future logins.


Step 7.                  Select and answer 3 security questions. You will be required to answer one of these questions when logging in from a public computer.


Step 8.                 Select whether the computer you are using is a private or public computer. Private computers will be registered for future logins. Public computers will not be registered and will require you to successfully answer one of the security questions when logging in.


**Due to security reasons, you will be prompted to change your password every 180 days**


Online Banking-Login


Step 1.                  Enter your access ID and click submit.


Step 2.                 If logging in from a previously registered computer, your image and pass phrase will be displayed. Enter your password and click submit.


                                If logging in from a public computer, correctly answer your security question, enter your password and click submit.


Step 3.                 If you image and pass phrase do no appear after entering your access ID and after answering your security question (if applicable), DO NOT enter your password. Close out of Online Banking and call Greenleaf Wayside Bank immediately!!


Online Banking-Change Security Data


Step 1.                  Once you have successfully logged in, click options and change security data. Here you will be able to change your image, pass phrase, and security questions.


For further assistance contact:


*       Lora Cornette at 864-7901 or

*       David Krutz at 532-6500 or

*       Sharon Buchholz at 864-7907 or